Weekyl Members Jackpot Draws
Weekly Members Jackpot Draws
Could you use an extra $10,000 or more? If you’re like most people, you probably could. Then you definitely want to participate in the weekly Your Club Super Draw and the Community Clubs Mega Jackpot draw.

Held every Wednesday and Saturday between 6pm and 8pm. Both of these member draws start at a minimum of $10,000 and jackpots by $1,000 per week if not won. As a FSMC member you definitely want to be part of these draws.
This Weeks Your Clubs Super Draw
  • Date: Wednesday 26 July 2017
  • Jackpot: $13,000!
  • Authorised Under Permit Number LTPS/15/08434
Previous Results
  • Last Weeks Results: 19 July 2017  
  • Member Drawn: Cody Ellis  "NO WIN" - $12,000.00
  • Club Drawn: Wee Waa RSL Club
  • Prize Money Won to date: $126,000
This Weeks Community Clubs Mega Jackpot Draw
  • Date: Saturday 29 July 2017
  • Jackpot Amount: $17,000
  • Authorised Under Permit Number LTPS/16/08127
Previous Results
  • Last Weeks Results 22 July 2017   
  • "NO WIN $16,000"
  • Club Drawn: Wellington Soldiers Club
  • Prize Money Won to date: $438,000
  • Authorised Under Permit Number LTPS/16/08127
How to Participate

You have to be in it to win it! Luckily, participating is easy. Simply join our club and be sure to be present every Saturday and Wednesday night for the draw. If you’re present and your name is called, you win! If your name is called and you’re not present, the jackpot grows by another $1,000, and somebody else gets a chance next week.

Don’t worry about the expense of joining our club. Not only is it incredibly affordable – a five-year membership is only $14.30 – it comes with a number of other benefits. Learn more today.
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