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Appearing @ FSMC on Friday 16th February 2018
Tickets $35 plus booking fee on sale at www.123tix.com.au /events/851/the-choirboys-rock-acdc

Just three years ago, Australia’s Pub Rock faves CHOIRBOYS embarked on a
massive celebration of their old stable mates AC/DC. A tribute to Bon Scott,
CHOIRBOYS performed Bon’s first album and his last album with AC/DC High
Voltage and Highway To Hell cover to cover. The six shows were a massive
success, selling out and rocking-out, proving everyone loves CHOIRBOYS and
A quick break and the Boys are Back! They resisted the urge for three years by
pursuing individual projects and laying down some new tracks for their own
forthcoming album, however the temptation to rock AC/DC just one more night is too
furious an experience to pass up.
Paying homage to the legendary Aussie band and the 40th anniversary of Bon Scott
joining AC/DC, the CHOIRBOYS will be again be performing High Voltage and
Highway to Hell cover to cover and back to back.
Front man, Mark Gable said “We have a connection that goes way back – we even
recorded our first album in the same studio as AC/DC did – it still blows my mind!”
Bon Scott was one of the greatest front men rock has ever seen, and when he joined
AC/DC it began a journey that is still legendary today. I love being in Choirboys, but
I've always wanted to be in AC/DC, this is my chance to do both!"
AC/DC fans can re-live a collection of these two historic albums being performed by
one of Australia's quintessential rock bands CHOIRBOYS - cover to cover.
HIGH VOLTAGE (US Version) : It's A Long Way To The Top (If You Wanna Rock 'N'
Roll), Rock 'N' Roll Singer, The Jack , Live Wire , T.N.T. , Can I Sit Next To You Girl ,
Little Lover , She's Got Balls, High Voltage.
HIGHWAY TO HELL : Highway To Hell, Girls Got Rhythm, Walk All Over You, Touch
Too Much, Beating Around The Bush, Shot Down In Flames, Get It Hot, If You Want
Blood, Love Hungry Man, and Night Prowler.
“We’re not just performing songs but recreating the atmosphere around them during
the 1970s,” Gable said.
For forty years CHOIRBOYS have been an essential part of our Australian culture
having penned one of this country's unofficial anthems "Run to Paradise". They
epitomise the essence of the Australian pub culture scene and have secured their
place in Australian music history. Through hits such as 'Run To Paradise', 'Boys Will
Be Boys', 'Struggle Town' and 'Never Gonna Die', CHOIRBOYS and their music
have found their way into our hearts, ears and minds.
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Saturday 25 February 2017 - 8pm

By lemaster 22 Jan, 2016
By lemaster 22 Jan, 2016
By lemaster 22 Jan, 2016
By lemaster 22 Jan, 2016
Community Chest Charity Raffles Tickets sale from 6pm and winning from 7.30pm plus Your Club Super Draw, Wednesday Club Bingo from 10.30am
By lemaster 22 Jan, 2016
Friday Night Community Chest Charity Raffles Tickets sale from 6pm and winning from 7.30pm, Friday Club Bingo from 1.30pm, APL Poker from 6pm
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